Valley of the Fangs
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The team of director Cheng Chang-ho and star Lo Lieh would become well known for King Boxer – the first internationally successful kung-fu film…even before Bruce Lee became a star. This stirring saga of the “Martial Arts World” helped them prepare for that breakthrough. As with King Boxer, Lo Lieh plays the righteous hero, trying to protect another hero’s wife and daughter from a corrupt minister’s murderous plans. Li Ching, who would later star in Sexy Playgirls and Sexy Girls Of Denmark, is the object of Lo Lieh’s protection, while Wang Hsia, from The Secret Of The Dirk, is the dastardly villain. Cheng Chang-ho films it all in his customary sumptuous style, making it a fascinating companion piece to his subsequent worldwide phenomenon.
Starring Suo Po Chang, Lei Cheng, Liang Chen
Director Jeong Chang-hwa