Bryce Johnson

Bryce Johnson

A blonde actor with All-American good looks and a charming screen presence, Bryce Johnson headed for Hollywood at age 19, determined to make it in show business. With only community college acting classes to his credit, he picked up odd jobs, acted in student films and enrolled at Pasadena's American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Not long after, in 1999, he succeeded in his quest and made his screen debut in the MTV soap "Undressed," an at once steamy and silly program in the network's late night lineup. He next was cast in "Saving Graces," a sitcom for The WB that didn't pass the pilot stage. That same year "Popular" began airing on the network with Johnson as one of the stars of the high school-set comedy-drama's ensemble cast. Playing Josh Ford, a popular golden boy with a beautiful cheerleader girlfriend (Leslie Bibb), a coveted spot on the football team and seemingly perfect existence, Johnson brought added dimension to his character. He portrayed Josh as the oblivious nice guy, a hit on the social circuit who doesn't revel in so much as not notice the class structure of high school. Johnson made the most of Josh's human weaknesses, giving the character a realistically resigned reaction to his unsupportive family and distracted girlfriend. Through Johnson's portrayal, audiences were won over by Josh's genuineness, and supported his decision to put aside football for the drama club and his forays into unpopular territory even when his girlfriend and best friend (Ron Lester) didn't.


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