David Sobolov

David Sobolov

Born in Canada, David Sobolov's love of performance was not to be denied. He spent some time as a professional French horn player, before settling on a career in musical theater and a steady gig in an a capella group. Of course, Sobolov soon transitioned away from those occupations. A voice agent heard him at an a capella performance and suggested that he would make a great voice actor, and a true career was born. His first professional role was doing the English language version of the anime film "Ogre Slayer" (1995), quickly followed by a recurring voice role in the Scottish animated soccer series "Hurricanes" (Syndicated, 1993-1997). Sobolov landed two big roles in 1998, playing Robocop in the animated series "Robocop: Alpha Commando" (Syndicated, 1998-1999), and the role of Depthcharge in "Beast Wars: Transformers" (Syndicated, 1996-1999). Soon, though, much of Sobolov's work came from video games. He was the voice of Brawl in the "Transformers: The Game" (2007), and Lieutenant Vasquez in "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" (2007). In 2012, Sobolov came back to animated TV with his role as Shockwave in "Transformers: Prime" (Hub, 2010-2013) and as voice Drax the Destroyer in the animated Marvel Cinematic Universe (except for the feature version of "Guardians of the Galaxy" (2014)). Sobolov also played the voice of Gorilla Grodd in the live action TV show "The Flash" (The CW, 2014).