Grégoire Colin

Grégoire Colin

Gregoire Colin began his entertainment career as a 15-year-old child actor. Colin started his acting career landing roles in such films as "Le Silence d'ailleurs" (1990), "L' Annee de l'eveil" (1991) and "Something Fishy" (1993) with Anémone. He also appeared in "Olivier, Olivier" (1993) with François Cluzet, the Alice Houri dramatic period piece "U.S. Go Home" (1994) and "Queen Margot" (1994). He continued to act in productions like "Family" (1998), "The Son of Gascogne" (1998) and the Elodie Bouchez drama "The Dreamlife of Angels" (1999). Recently, he tackled roles in "Sex is Comedy" (2004), the Michel Subor drama "The Intruder" (2005) and "Le Domain Perdu" (2006). He also appeared in "Hounds" (2007) and "The Killer" (2008). Colin most recently acted in "Spain" (2013).