Marina de Tavira

Marina de Tavira

Marina de Tavira was a fixture on stage and screen in her native Mexico before gaining international acclaim with her role in the award-winning film "Roma" (2018). Born in Mexico City, she made her screen debut in the TV show "Tentaciones" (Channel One, 1994-98). On stage, she had roles in the Spanish-language adaptations of plays by David Mamet and Harold Pinter. She moved into film with a part in the dark comedy, "Hijas de su madre: Las Buenrostro" (2005). Her profile jumped when she starred in Rodrigo Pla's festival favorite "The Zone" (2007). Roles followed in "Love, Pain and Vice Versa" (2008) and "Nora's Will" (2008). She went on to star in the TV romance "S.O.S.: Sexo y ostros secretos" (Canal5, 2007-08). She continued making appearances on television in programs such as "Las Aparicio" (Cadenatres, 2010) and "Capadocia" (HBO, 2008-12). On the big screen, she starred in the racing drama "Desafio" (2010) and "Richness of Internal Space" (2012). She returned to television with a role in the drama "The Lord of the Skies" (Telemundo, 2013-). The actress also joined the cast of the Mexican thriller "Ingobernable" (Netflix, 2017-) in a recurring role, playing special prosecutor Patricia Lieberman. She continued the heavy TV slate with a starring role in the police drama "Falco" (Telemundo, 2018-). Her film career took a turn for the better when she was tabbed by director Alfonso Cuaron for one of the leads in his celebrated semi-autobiographical film "Roma." de Tavira played the matriarch of the family that employs Yalitza Aparicio's earnest maid. The role earned the actress an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She followed with a role in the drama "This Is Not Berlin" (2019).