Susan Hogan

Over the years, Susan Hogan has played a number of intriguing women--and the roles have only gotten more intriguing as her career has matured. Her prominent, expressive facial features have been utilized in the service of characters either hiding a secret or having experienced great personal loss. For example, in the action-noir series "Night Heat," which aired in the mid-'80s, she played Nicole Rimbaud, a bar owner whose cop husband was killed in the line of duty. Along with being a single mother, her character served as the love interest for one of the series' main protagonists, who also happened to be her husband's former partner. "Night Heat"--an early example of a television program that originated north of the border but aired on an American network--ran until 1989, at which point Hogan appeared in television shows and films, many of which were shot and produced in Canada. In the '00s, she became a familiar face to cable television viewers, specifically for the sci-fi series reboot "Battlestar Galactica" and the relationship drama "The L Word." In the former, she played Captain Doyle Franks, mysterious steward of the most lawless ship in the program's space borne fleet, while in the latter, she portrayed Sharon Fairbanks, a conservative mother whose teenage-year sexual tryst with another woman continues to affect her profoundly. In 2010, Hogan starred in the critically acclaimed drama "Life Unexpected."