The Crash
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On October 4th, 1992, 18:36, an Israeli Boeing 747 cargo plane passing through the Netherlands on its way from New York to Tel Aviv crashes into two highly populated residential high rises in the Amsterdam Bijlmermeer. It’s complete chaos: burning residents jump from their balconies, families are suddenly torn apart and rescue workers struggle to find their way through the thick smoke, searching for survivors beneath the rubble. But they find no survivors. The Dutch government immediately claims that the airplane carried only perfume, flowers, and computer parts. Yet both residents and aid workers are left with questions: Why did so many people start suffering severe health complaints after the disaster? How can the plane’s black box have gone missing? Who were the men in white hazmat suits, who were seen carrying something off from the scene? Why did the aviation authorities take the huge risk of leading the plane over a densely populated area, instead of letting the pilots make an emergency landing in the fields outside of Amsterdam? Almost everyone accepts the official account of the disaster, and all go back to business as usual, except for Asha, Vincent and Pierre. Together they take on the mighty forces of Dutch government and Israeli secret services in their search for the truth. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.