Diary of an Uber Driver
Available on Disney+
This is the German adaptation of the hit Australian comedy, "Diary of an Uber Driver." Hamburg-born Ben is in his mid-thirties and has hit rock bottom several times in life. Now, he is working as an Uber driver in Germany's second largest city which, instead of giving him peace of mind, only adds his passengers' issues to his own. The people who get into his car not only vary in their lifestyles and backgrounds, but also in the ludicrous and moving stories they share with Ben —and the way they manage to regularly drag him right into their mess. Ben is also a father-to-be and does not want to accept the fact that his child's beautiful mother, Nadja, is just not interested in him. Part traditional narrative and part anthology television, each episode is a study of Hamburg society. The series juxtaposes the world of the city’s wealthy families with murky bars, as well as tourists of the notorious "Reeperbahn," Hamburg's popular red-light district that attracts both rich and poor.