The Golden Spoon
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Only "golden spoons" attend Jaeil High School in Seoul. Lee Seungcheon, the school's only "dirt spoon," happens to meet a mysterious old woman and hears how to become rich. Through this method, Seungcheon is swapped with Hwang Taeyong, the son of the president of Doshin Group, the richest man in Korea. Lee Seungcheon becomes Hwang Taeyong, and Hwang Taeyong becomes Lee Seungcheon. Seungcheon finally lives the life of a golden spoon that he always dreamed of, but it proves to be difficult to live as the son of a rich family. One day, he hears that his father, Cheol, has been injured and that his life is in danger. The guilt of swapping out his parents and his burning affection for his father leads Seungcheon to visit the old woman again.