Torrey Pines
Raised by a schizophrenic mother, Petersen's life story unfolds in a series of baffling and hallucinated events. With a mother fueled by hallucinations of political conspiracy and family dysfunction, 12-year-old Petersen is taken on a cross-country adventure that will forever alter the family as they know it. This stop-motion animated film is an autobiographical, transgender coming-of-age tale. Through fits of puberty and awkward junior high school encounters, Petersen takes you back to a time to the early 1990's, when MTV shaped teenage minds and a generation of nerds strengthening their thumbs on a Nintendo controller. Put on your swim trunks, grab your boogie board and come enjoy the view at Torrey Pines. Soundtrack produced by Chris Walla and featuring the music of Kimya Dawson, Your Heart Breaks, Lori Goldston and Earth.
Starring Kimya Dawson, Webster Crowell
Director Clyde Petersen