Why Am I Doing This?
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LESTER (Anthony Montgomery) is a struggling African-American comedian who’s trying to make it doing comedy showcases while working a day job as one of the most hated people in Los Angeles… a meter maid. His stand-up is purely Louis CK-observational, but it seems like everyone in the industry, including his manager (and step-brother) KENNY (Joe Torry), want him to be the next Chris Rock. Lester is also madly in love with beautiful Indian-American NIRA (Sheetal Sheth), who seems to like him enough, but not enough to get past the friend-zone. In addition, he deals with the emotional ups-and-downs of his clinically depressed, attractive model Mom (Valerie Pettiford). Lester's best friend, TONY (Tom Huang), is a struggling Asian-American actor with the classic problem of only getting auditions for parts as Chinese delivery boys. Tony works multiple jobs to pay the bills, one of them being Spider-Man for kids’ parties, where he falls for a girl, KATIE (Lynn Chen) though he doesn’t even know what she looks like, since he meets her at a job dressed up in a Care Bear costume. Tony also futilely chases hot wanna-be actress AMBER (Emma Caulfield), who pretty much just uses him for his car and beer money. Together, Tony and Lester juggle relationships, family and the impending feeling of doom that they¹re never going to make it as they fail in Hollywood...
Starring Anthony Montgomery, Tom Huang, Emma Caulfield
Director Tom Huang