Episode 3

T1, E3: Episode 3

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Kanoko (Aoi Morikawa) wakes up next to a shirtless Kagaya (Yu Shirota) on a hotel bed. "Oh god, did Kagaya and I...?!" Maybe it was all the drinks, but Kanoko can't remember a thing and Kagaya tells her, "nothing happened." Her relief from hearing that is short-lived since she soon finds out the shocking truth that she's the one who kissed Kagaya. In the meantime, Kanoko's colleague Mochizuki (Masaki Nakao) who is secretly in love with Kanoko is worried about Kanoko and Kagaya's relationship. "Am I in love with Kagaya?" Even Kanoko can't figure out how she feels. And when she attends Kagaya's autograph session, Kanoko's inattentiveness leads to him injuring his hand.