Episode 5

T1, E5: Episode 5

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"Kagaya, this feeling I have...is this love?" Kanoko (Aoi Morikawa) asks Kagaya (Yu Shirota) who responds, "Let's go on a date." Kagaya is an author she works with. Kanoko knows she shouldn't go but she can't help herself.  She is having the time of her life on her first ever date and she realizes that her feelings for Kagaya are solidifying. They run into Mochizuki (Masaki Nakao) and Akari Mishima (Yako Koga), the chief editor's daughter, and the four of them decide to hang out. Encouraged by Akari who is younger yet more experienced in love, Kanoko decides to tell Kagaya how she feels, but when she hears Kagaya's true feelings...