Amy Steel

Amy Steel Pulitzer (born Alice Amy Steel) is an American film and television actress. She made her acting debut in the comedy film Fat Chance (1981) directed by Manuel Summers. She then gained recognition for her role as aspiring child psychologist Ginny in the Steve Miner-directed horror film Friday the 13th Part 2 (1982). She also had roles in the mystery April Fool's Day (1986), the slapstick Walk Like a Man (1987), the thriller Play Nice (1992), and the anthology Tales of Poe (2014). Steel had lead roles in the science fiction television series The Powers of Matthew Star (1982–83) and the drama For Love and Honor (1983–84)—both series aired for one season. Outside of these leading roles, she had guest appearances in shows such as Family Ties (1982), The A-Team (1983), Quantum Leap (1990), Home Improvement (1994), American Gothic (1995), and Millennium (1997). Steel additionally acted in television films such as First Steps (1985) and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1991). In the early 2000s, she began a career as a family and marriage therapist. Her last acting credit was Dr. Ginny Field in the fan film Jason Rising (2021)—reprising her Friday the 13th character in a voice role.