Muddy Waters

S5, E3: Muddy Waters

Available on Acorn TV
S5 E3: Crime drama series. DCI Vera Stanhope and her team investigate the mysterious death of an unidentified man, found floating in the slurry pit of a remote Northumberland farm. Owner Danny Pryor is forced to admit that he uses a number of illegal Serbian workers. A faded tattoo identifies the victim as Jack Reeves, a young man from the local travelling community. His father Billy Reeves insists that he has not seen his son since he broke off his engagement to teenager Sigourney O'Brien. But would her father Frank go as far as murder to avenge the honour of his daughter? An old police report links Jack to a fight in a pub owned by Danny Pryor's brother Robert and exposes the real reason Jack broke off his wedding to Sigourney. For months Jack had been hiding out in a mobile home on woodland close to Pryor farm. Fingerprints reveal that someone else has been inside the caravan.