Shadows in the Sky

S5, E4: Shadows in the Sky

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S5 E4: Crime drama series. When the body of dock worker Owen Thorne plummets from a multi-story car park, DCI Vera Stanhope is forced to uncover a life of secrets and lies. For Vera everything points to foul play but Thorne's wife Ellie insists that he was a good man and a loving father to their children. The team discover a dispute at work over the death of a young lad when a safety rig failed. Everyone believes that Owen was to blame, despite an inquest failing to find fault. The victim's father admits that he wanted revenge, but his alibi holds. Vera spots an inconsistency in Ellie's statement, suggesting that she was less sure of her husband's fidelity than she is admitting. Aided by her team, Vera must use all her investigative skill and ingenuity to expose the truth behind Owen Thorne's death and ultimately stop his killer from claiming another victim.