Through the Picture Window
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‘Through the Picture Window’ is a feature length documentary that shines a spotlight on the real Julian Lennon, examining what drives him as an artist and revealing the truth about his photography, his music and his philanthropy. It presents a nuanced portrait and an in-depth look at the creative process itself. Filmed over several years and directed by Dick Carruthers, (Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day, Oasis) this revealing film sweeps away the curtain to capture an artist at work. Featuring bespoke videos and eye-catching imagery, and granting a look inside the private world of Julian Lennon for the first time, it provides an open window through which the viewer can bear witness to his process. Packed full of fascinating and exclusive interviews featuring Bono, Steven Tyler and Lennon himself, the documentary weaves the story around songs from his latest album Everything Changes.
Starring Julian Lennon, Bono, Steven Tyler
Director Dick Carruthers, Ed Coleman