Leaving Las Vegas
Far beyond the blinding neon and deluded escapism of Nevada's favourite city, two disenfranchised souls are about to find solace in each other's anguish and anger. Ben is a full time alcoholic on a relentless pursuit to drink himself to death, Sera is a world weary hooker drained and scarred from the brutality of a dead end, downtown existence. Together they will form an unlikely, compassionate bond of unconditional acceptance amidst the cruel and gritty world of their chaotic and self-destructive lives. Directed by Mike Figgis (Internal Affairs, Timecode) and based on the poignant cult novel by John O'Brien, Leaving Las Vegas is an emotionally demanding and truly extraordinary film. Starring Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue in career defining roles.
Starring Nicolas Cage, Elisabeth Shue, Julian Sands
Director Mike Figgis