74 Epiphanies

S6, E 11: 74 Epiphanies

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While everyone is reeling from the news that 15 Division is about to be permanently restructured, the big day has finally arrived. Andy and Sam are getting married at a little church near Oliver’s cabin. But the course of true love never did run smooth. The city’s in gridlock due to late-summer weekend chaos, and getting out of town is proving a serious problem. On her way up north in Swarek’s truck – alone and in her wedding dress – Andy finds herself dealing with a distressed young hitchhiker on the highway. This encounter leads Andy to double back to investigate a car she saw earlier, pulled over on the side of the road – and she discovers the driver has been critically injured. Can she save the man’s life? Will she make it to her wedding on time? Will she ever have a chance to rewrite her lost vows? And what will happen to the officers of 15 Division when they get back on Monday?
Starring Nicholas Campbell, Peter MacNeill, Benz Antoine