S1, E 6: DANCE

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NOISE: Wibbly is standing very very still. He has heard a strange noise and doesn’t know what it is. Together we decide to go and find it. Is it coming from the bedroom? It sounds like a spaceship? No! That strange noise is a little clockwork frog! Is it coming from the bathroom? It sounds like an octopus taking a shower! No! That strange noise is a drippy tap! It’s coming from the garden! We creep slowly towards the clickety clackety racket and find... Aunt Larlie doing her knitting! DANCE: What sort of music makes you want to wiggle and dance? We all like different things! Wibbly can’t seem to find the right music, and no matter how many CD’s he puts into his bright yellow CD player nothing seems right. Big Pig loves marching, and we all march with him. Spotty Pig loves jungle music, and we all pretend to be animals with him! The Pig Twins like doing the mirror dance and even Tiny Pig has his own favourite music. In the end Wibbly and his friends put all the music together and dance to it all!