Episode 2

S1, E2: Episode 2

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S1 E2: Actress-dancer-singer Chita Rivera has her own web site littered with the bodies of unsuspecting men she's poisoned as the Black Widow Spider, strutting to the tune of Lucretia Mac Evil more than two decades before her title role in Kiss of the Spider Woman on Broadway. A severely hungover Harvey Korman is taken to the cleaners by blackmailing Fireside Girl "Alice Portnoy," played by Carol. She's got pictures-and a few coins donated to the summer camp fund quickly grows into a wad of bills. In a "Carol and Sis" sketch, Harvey is all eyes when his dull tax accountant, Bob Newhart, drops by with his knockout wife. Everyone participates in the salute to MGM Studios finale. Carol and Harvey take "America's Singing Sweethearts" Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy to strange new comedy heights, while Garbo's first laugh, articulated by Carol, is painful.