S1, E1: Meeting

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S1 E1: Taiga Kohinata (Kentaro Ito) is working as a programmer in the IT industry. He has never experienced romance in his entire life and he barely has any friends. He’s not interested in others and just lives his life peacefully. One morning, he is riding a crowded bus to work when it suddenly breaks down. Taiga loses his balance and falls face first into the chest of the woman (Yuki Kashiwagi) standing in front of him. Normally, he would see this as nothing more than a “lucky accident,” but Taiga cannot stop thinking about the woman. That night, he runs into her again at an izakaya gastropub! This time, her skirt flips up and her underwear is put on full display, and the woman buries her face awkwardly. Her name is Tae Komada (24). As a result of these two accident-filled encounters, Taiga falls in love for the first time in his life!