S3, E 4: S03

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With the first 10 of the competition, Wellington Hairdressers Teal & Sophie amounted a huge score of 77 and proudly sit on top of the scoreboard.Now it’s the turn for the youngest team in MKR, Auckland students Charlotte & Maddie. These two millennials, are the new generation of foodies, who live and breathe everything food related. What they may lack in experience, they compensate in enthusiasm and creativity. They want to prove that even they are young, they have what it takes to win, and also that young people can cook, and cook well.Their 3-course menu reeks creativity and youthful fun. Entrée; Coconut Shrimpy with a Mango Dressio.Main; Macadamia Nut Crusted Snapparoo Stuffed with Mr Crabs and a side of coco rice.Dessert; Green T Panna cotta with a Bacon Crumb, Chocolate dirt, and a dash of fineappleWhile the girls are busy in the kitchen, the other teams are in awe of their instant restaurant, ‘Fresh’. However the conversations turn to the competition as things heat up between the last two teams to cook.As the dishes from Charlotte & Maddie start to come out, will their beautifully presented works of art taste as god as they look?