S1, E 4: Star

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TELESCOPE: Aunt Larlie has sent Wibbly a present - a long telescope! Wibbly loves the way it can make things look so much closer than they are! First we try looking at Pigley, then we try looking at the trees in the garden and then, that night, we start looking at space! There, in front of our eyes, there are some space pigs dancing in the starry sky! This telescope really is one of the best presents ever! But then a huge comet starts falling towards us, it looks disastrous... until Wibbly realizes it is only a small sticker from his space chart made to look bigger by the telescope! NOISE: Wibbly is standing very very still. He has heard a strange noise and doesn’t know what it is. Together we decide to go and find it. Is it coming from the bedroom? It sounds like a spaceship? No! That strange noise is a little clockwork frog! Is it coming from the bathroom? It sounds like an octopus taking a shower! No! That strange noise is a drippy tap! It’s coming from the garden! We creep slowly towards the clickety clackety racket and find... Aunt Larlie doing her knitting!