Ultimate Italy

S1, E4: Ultimate Italy

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S1 E4: The cradle of European art and science, romance, intrigue as well as the style and fashion mecca of the world – it can only be Italy. Unified in 1861, Italy has still maintained a unique identity owing to a very proud and illustrious history and an immensely diverse cultural heritage. And the Pilot Guides team are off to find out what makes it tick. We begin with KT Comer hitching a ride in a Ferrari, which proceeds to scream along a racetrack followed by an equally intense trip in a taxi. Meanwhile Ian Wright gets into a spot of bother not realising he has to get his ticket validated before being allowed on the bus. Estelle Bingham is in Rome, the country’s capital set amid seven hills and home to the Vatican City and the Coliseum. Beginning at the Forum, Estelle investigates the administrative heart of the Roman Empire, which over a period of 700 years grew to encompass most of Europe as well as part of Asia and North Africa. Ian strikes up a friendship with a local baron and stays in an idyllic farmhouse from 90 euros per night. He also gets to indulge in some wine tasting at a local cellar and does some olive picking in the groves. Meanwhile Estelle stays in a hostel for the night for 15 dollars while in the southern Italian town of Albero Bello, Megan stays in a hotel overlooking the town’s conical shaped houses. Megan gives us a quick peek at the designer boutiques in Milans Quadrillatero dOro or Golden square. Estelle tries her hand at making a pizza and Ian indulges in some ice cream and a rather dubious tripe salad. Finally we end our action packed programme with a visit to Siena’s annual Palio, a hectic horserace held between rival towns in the main square. Ian watches a match of Calcio Storico Florence’s traditional yet violent sport where teams combine rugby, football wrestling and boxing and Megan partakes in a game of orange throwing in the town of Ivrea – a three day celebration that commemorates the town’s revolt against the tyrannical Count Ranieri.