537 Votes
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Sometimes, not every vote counts. From Emmy-winning director Billy Corben and Oscar-winning executive producer Adam McKay (HBO's Succession), this documentary looks back at the wildly contested 2000 presidential election which came down to 537 votes. Driven by compelling interviews with key insiders and a wealth of archival footage, the film examines the events leading up to and the weeks after Election Day in 2000, when a chaotic voter recount in the swing state of Florida resulted in then Texas Governor George W. Bush winning the presidency by a razor-thin margin. Shedding new light on this fateful episode in electoral politics, the film looks beyond the headlines of undervotes, recounts, and hanging chads to reveal the players and politicos locked in a strategic battle to determine the future of the United States.
Starring Roger Stone, Joe Geller, Al Cardenas
Director Billy Corben