A Dollar and a Dream
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A young, African American man recounts his footsteps of being homeless on the streets of Hollywood to chase his dream of becoming an entertainer. Revisiting areas around Hollywood, Ursa Gifted Major portrays what it was like after being dropped off in an alleyway near Hollywood & Highland and spending his first unforgettable night alone on the gritty streets of Tinseltown. After learning how to be homeless the right wayand from the help and guidance of a stranger, Ursa embraced his daunting, homeless journey ahead. Not wanting to fall too deep into that lifestyle, he was determined to be somebody. Ursa narrates how he overcame what seemed to be endless days and nights. Discover how he kept himself focused, what strategies he used to create his own destiny, to present day with the release of one of his catchy songs as an independent artist. Get set to be inspired by Ursa’s remarkable survival story in A Dollar and a Dream.
Starring Ursa Gifted Major, Sir Sage Sr.
Director Rod Roberts