A Man and His Sin
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Sainte-Adèle, Quebec, 1889. Donalda Laloge and Alexis Labranche are in love. As Alexis prepares to leave for the lumber camps, the lovers agree to get married the following spring. Fate has other plans for the couple, notably the bankruptcy of Donalda’s father, a shopkeeper. Séraphin Poudrier, the mayor of the village and a terrible miser, makes Donalda’s father an offer: he’ll help the shopkeeper out in exchange for Donalda’s hand. Donalda agrees to marry Séraphin in order to preserve her father’s good name and help her family. But Donalda and Alexis’s love cannot be thwarted.
Starring Hector Charland, Nicole Germain, Guy Provost
Director Paul Gury