All or Nothing
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Linda and Vanda are lifetime friends both are in their early thirties and are owners of a charming bookstore in the city center, but each of them is very different from each other. Linda (Táňa Pauhofová) is divorced, educated, practical, has a little daughter and strong feeling for responsibility. Responsibility on the other hand misses independent, happy and single Vanda (Klára Issová), who attracts men a lot, but her passion of life is too much for all of them. So she is searching for the one. Actively, actually. In the bookstore there is also working a friend Edo (Ľuboš Kostelný), who desperately wishes for the eternal love, but as a shy, emotional and introvert gay it’s not easy to find it for him. Life of this group of friends is mixed by few different men. Linda meets charismatic developer Jakub (Michal Žebrowski), who isn’t as straightforward as he seems. Vanda meets former university professor Aladar (Krysztof Tyniec), who she is willing to marry, because he simply likes her. And Edo is falling in love with yet another boyfriend Leo (Petr Vaněk). And everything ends up of course totally differently then expected…
Starring Tatiana Pauhofová, Klára Issová, Lubo Kostelný
Director Marta Ferencova