Bruce Cockburn - Pacing the Cage
Pacing the Cage features Canadian singer/songwriter/activist, Bruce Cockburn reflecting on his life and his career. The film features appearances by songwriters Jackson Browne, Sylvia Tyson, Bono, Sarah Harmer, Colin Linden, best selling authors Michael Ondaatje, William Young, Lt. Gen Romeo Dallaire and Bernie Finkelstein Pacing the Cage follows Bruce as he performs in sold out shows, records his live Slice O’ Life album, and participates in a series of benefit concerts. Documentary cameras also follow Bruce to his home for a candid conversation about his views on everything from religion to parenthood. The film will shed new light on Bruce’s spirituality, and his thoughts on activism, politics, writing, and his amazing 40 plus years in the music industry. This feature includes never before seen live performances of songs from his 40 year plus catalogue of music. The final scenes and interviews of the documentary are present day. We peek into rehearsals for the recent Luminato tribute for Bruce, and interview Bruce at his home. During this final interview, Bruce reflects about his life and career, and where he sees himself going in the future. “Bruce Cockburn, Pacing the Cage” gives viewers never before seen insights into Bruce’s life on the road, as a performer, master guitar player, activist and song-writer.
Starring Bruce Cockburn
Director Joel Goldberg