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Inspired by true events, Cargo follows Kevin’s struggle to make enough money to pay for his son's expensive school eventually turning to transporting human “cargo” into the US in order to raise the cash. Late on his payments, to his son Ronald’s expensive school he becomes so desperate that when a security guard suggests he use his boat to transport people into the US he decides to go for it. While the first trip goes well subsequent trips become more difficult. With Ronald about to be kicked out of school he decides to embark on one final trip on his own transporting his girlfriend Celianne, her young son, and several others. Kevin enlists the help of his closest friend, Eddie and they set off. As they near the coast of Miami, Kevin forces the refugees to swim the remaining distance even though many of them don’t know how. Kevin is left with the choice of either further abandoning his morals or owning up to his responsibilities...
Starring Sam Louwyck, Wim Willaert, Sebastien Dewaele
Director Gilles Coulier