Chasing Sunshine
Chasing Sunshine is an independent film that documents the life of The North Face athlete Megan Pischke and her journey with breast cancer. Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer in the Fall of 2012, ironically after hosting a surf and wellness retreat for breast cancer survivors. After a short period of denial, Megan coins this latest turn as a gift. A snowboarder, yogi, surfer and wellness ambassador, Megs embarks with confidence, feeling uniquely equipped for the unknowns she is about to face. Naturally she is lead towards unconventional holistic care as part of her chosen path of healing despite the advice of Western doctors and the controversy that ensues. Megan remains steadfast in her beliefs; yet, following the tragic death of her brother-in-law, she begins to question her own mortality and this new sense of normal as a mother, wife, sister, and survivor.Chasing Sunshine is a short independent film by the Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) Foundation.
Starring Megan Pischke Porcheron, David Carrier Porcheron
Director Paul Watt, Megan Pischke Porcheron