Chris Rock: One Man Show
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Chris Rock. One of the most prominent and recognized comedians in America. Since he first started doing comedy back in the 80s, he has never stopped making audiences laugh throughout his career. Today he has reached heights by being groundbreaking, controversial, and fearless, and is even considered an influence for comedians like Kevin Hart or Trevor Noah. However, the hilarious, unapologetic, hard-working comic with sharp social punchlines hasn’t always had it easy. In fact he draws his comedy from a darker side of his past. Rising from the obscurity of his childhood to the top of the comedy world, Rock was yearning for success, and he found it. Chris Rock dreamed of following in the steps of the geniuses that came before him, only to find his own genius, one that made him an inspiration to others. We look back at the life and rise of the one who was once named the funniest man in America.
Starring Adam Sandler, Antonio Banderas, Chris Rock
Director Roxane Schlumberger