Dances With Werewolves
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A master female werewolf is driven from a provincial German village in 1941. In present day Los Angeles, Dr. Jay Nightraven, a paranormal investigator of Seminole Indian heritage, seeks to unravel the mystery of a series of “Full Moon Murders” in an effort to determine the veracity of his Medicine Man grandfather’s beliefs. A conflicted young woman named Cassie flees an abusive relationship and ends up in the City of Angels. Desperate and downtrodden, she soon falls under the influence of an enigmatic woman called Darcy… in reality, Daciana Calinescu, a regal and imposing Romanian Countess whose beauty belies her 600 years as a moon-worshiping werewolf… the same one driven from Germany in 1941. Darcy puts the love bite on Cassie and she becomes part of her new werewolf pack. When Jay and Cassie cross paths, Jay’s assistant and live-in girlfriend, Lydia, finds her loyalty pushed to the limits as his investigation takes a deeply personal turn. Is the good Doctor falling in love with a battered-woman werewolf? “Dances with Werewolves” features the final role for horror icon Angus Scrimm.
Starring Aqueela Zoll, Tatiana Dekhtyar, Omar Paz Trujillo
Director Donald F. Glut, Dan Golden