Dead Shack
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It’s shaping up to be a pretty good weekend for shy 14-year-old Jason. He's driving up to a cottage in the woods with his brash (and a little crude) best friend Colin, Colin’s older sister Summer (who comes complete with a permanent chip on her shoulder), and their father/step-mother duo of Roger and Lisa, who are permanently stuck between "inappropriate for children" or "extremely inappropriate for children” party mode. Sure the cabin is really rustic (the cheapest Craigslist could find), and sure Roger and Lisa aren't the most responsible adults to chaperone a cottage getaway, but Jason is really looking forward to hanging out with his best friend (and Summer!). But things quickly take a turn for the messed-up when Jason, Colin and Summer spy on their neighbour's cabin and see a woman drugging two local 'bros', then feeding them to her undead husband and kids. With the shotgun-totting psycho neighbour determined to keep them quiet, her slavering zombie family focused on eating them, and party-drunk parents who wont believe them, it's up to Jason, Colin and Summer to arm themselves, toughen up, and learn to work together to bash in some skulls before they become zombie family dinner. Goonies meets Evil Dead, "DEAD SHACK" is a dark comedy oozing with gory action.
Starring Lauren Holly, Valerie Tian, Donavon Stinson
Director Peter Ricq