Final Dance
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Julia, a beautiful, naïve nineteen year old dance student encounters Vikka, a forty year old homeless man at a local restaurant. Curious, she befriends him and discovers he was once a great stage actor and dancer in Russia before he immigrated to America in search of fame and fortune. Vikka’s dream never materialized, but his love of dance continues and he becomes inspired by the young woman who is clearly falling in love with him. He falls for Julia too, but he is old enough and cynical enough to know that nothing good can come of it. Julia takes Vikka home and, not surprisingly, her parents are horrified! But his boundless charm and dignified manner eventually win the parents over. Final Dance is an ironic and romantic story of unfulfilled love. This story will resonate with everyone, regardless of age or cultural background.
Starring Srdjan Nikolic, Evgenia Milmana, Tom Bolton
Director Frank A. Caruso