First Blush
Nena and Drew are a young, happy-ish married couple whose relationship is thrown off its axis when they meet Olivia. The trio's attraction to each other is undeniable, but when they become romantically involved, they struggle to navigate the complications of a polyamorous relationship. The three push each other's boundaries to their limits as they discover painful truths about who they are, what they want, and how to love in turbulent times. In turns both hilarious and heartbreaking, the film tenderly explores the anxieties that shape a generation, and celebrates the bravery that it takes to make genuine connections. First Blush is a poignantly relatable film about a uniquely complex relationship; a fresh, modern love story that challenges us to re-examine the rules and expectations that define us. With potent writing, sharp direction, and breakout lead performances, the film is an electric piece of work, and not to be missed.
Starring Rachel Alig, Ryan Caraway, Kate Beecroft
Director Victor Neumark