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Malcolm awakes, finding himself in an isolated home unsure of where or who he is. With no grasp on his former life he’s put on edge when a woman enters the house but relaxes when she reveals herself to be his wife, Helen. Through stories of their past she works to remind him about the kind of man he was, the traits of the man she married. It’s helping, and as Malcolm regains fragments of his former self Helen reassures him the amnesiac state is a temporary one, as long as he keeps taking his pills he’ll be back to his old life soon enough within a week.Despite the progress, Ian, an unexpected guest, puts Malcolm on edge, but Helen assures him Ian’s a friend and there to help. Through Ian’s colourful stories Malcolm learns new aspects of his former life, but something is not adding up, are his wife and friend telling him everything?Before Malcolm can fully remember the truth about who he is, masked intruders break in and put everyone’s life in danger. They only want what’s in the safe, but only Malcolm knew the combination. There’s more than one way to unlock a safe though and the intruders aren’t leaving without what they came for, but they better hurry, Malcolm’s remembering more and more of who he really is and no one in the house is safe.Tomas Street’s directorial debut is a suspense thriller enthralling audience with its tightly woven narrative and well executed delivery. The structure forces viewers to reevaluate what they thought they knew about its characters and it’s world from start to finish encouraging re-watching and dissection.
Starring Jack Foley, Laura Tremblay, Mike Donis
Director Tomas Street