How to Survive Without Mum
After being laid off, Antoine, former HR director of a large DIY store, chose to stay at home to take care of his four children. A new job that he does most of the time alone, because his wife Isabelle is very busy with her new activity as a lawyer. For the past two years, the roles in the Mercier family have clearly been reversed and Antoine is starting to feel less and less able to cope with the energy his little family demands of him. That's why a 10-day vacation in the mountains is a godsend for the stay-at-home dad he has become. Unfortunately, an unexpected case for Isabelle's firm falls from the sky. She has no other solution than to let Antoine go on a 10-day ski trip alone with the 4 children, and above all: without Mom!
Starring Franck Dubosc, Aure Atika, Swann Joulin
Director Ludovic Bernard