Love…and Other Reasons to Panic
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What are the odds of finding true love in your own backyard? ALEX (Liam Card) and SARAH (Ana Candia) are soon to find out that love can be found in many places and most often it is in the one place you forget to look. ALEX and SARAH have been schoolmates and best friends since kindergarten. Both have grown up in uniquely quirky families. ALEX, traumatized by cold distant parents, and SARAH, traumatized when she witnesses her parents in bed with another couple. After high school, both go their own way in search of finding themselves; ALEX naturally pursues comedy, while SARAH travels the world for meaning in life. Their paths converge once again and the possibility of love brings them back together to face the challenges of modern relationships. ALEX and SARAH both have strong opinions such as new age vs. traditional ideas, superstition vs. science, as well as, of course, the idea of finding a soul mate for life. Will they overcome themselves in order to make it work?
Starring Liam Card, Ana Candia, Eva Redpath
Director Alberto Diamante