Noah's Ark
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Based on the timeless Bible tale. Long ago, a greedy, gold-hungry Pharaoh ruled his kingdom with an iron hand. But this didn't stop the kindly humble Noah and his family from living lives of goodness and faith. Nor did it prevent Noah's youngest son Japheth, from falling in love with the Pharaoh's beautiful, gently daughter, Rachel. Then God spoke to Noah, commanding him to build a great ark and to fill it with two animals of every kind. God told Noah that he was going to clean the earth of all evil. Noah built the ark, and soon it was filled with a hilarious cargo of excited and talkative animal couples. Then, as Japheth raced to the palace to bring Rachel to the ark, the heavens opened and rain began pouring down in torrents. Noah and his humble family show that believing in the power of God can lead one away from evil. We also learn that love crosses all boundaries of class and that love is more important than riches. The animals learn how to share and show the value of humor and caring.
Starring Cam Clarke, Tress MacNeill