Plastic French
A group of ambitious people must choose different paths as they clash against money and power in a sex-driven parallel reality New York City. Up-and-coming artists Raya (Rand Faris) and Mia (Isabella Forti) struggle in pursuit of individuality, as young magnates Will (Will Sandler) and Kat (Christina Leonardi) must decide what their influence and power will serve. Meanwhile Mia’s personal gigolo (Alexander Maysonet) returns to his hidden world of indentured pawns in the manipulative games of the rich. In order to seek freedom and transcendence, they must first come to terms with their own human needs and natures. Plastic French is the first installment in a trilogy of films directed by Dan Simolke.
Starring Alexander Maysonet, Isabella Forti, Rand Faris
Director Dan Simolke