Red Balloon
Tim’s young son Devon is very ill. To cope with his emotions, Tim takes daily jogs to the boardwalk. It is here that he buys Devon a red balloon every day to encourage him to keep fighting. Devon always begs to join him but Tim refuses, worried about his condition. While reflecting with his wife Milly on days when Devon was still well, their younger daughter hurries in to tell them Devon’s acting up. Tim rushes in to discover Devon cutting the balloon strings, wishing to see them fly. Overwhelmed with emotion, Tim ventures out alone immediately for a new balloon, despite Devon’s pleas to tag along. But at the boardwalk, the vendor is all out of red balloons, sending Tim into a panic. The Vendor offers some sage advice that helps Tim understand he needs to let Devon keep living his life, despite his diagnosis. Tim collects Devon and brings him to the boardwalk where they are welcomed by the Vendor holding an enormous bunch of red balloons. Later, when Devon wants to let this new balloon fly, Tim can finally release his fear for the future and enjoy this moment with his son by his side. Together on the beach they watch the balloon float up and out of sight.
Starring Gord Rand, Etienne Kellici, Patrick McKenna
Director Avi Federgreen