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Roadside finds Dan and Mindy Summers, a young married couple with a child on the way, traveling through the mountains to see their families for Christmas. As the couple is in the midst of a heated argument, they come across an obstruction on the road. Dan, gladly accepting the momentary pause in the conversation, exits the vehicle to move the curiously placed dead tree. Little does he know, the warmth and safety of their SUV won’t be something he returns to, when things quickly turn into a nightmare as an unknown gunman sets his sights on the couple and holds them on the side of the road against their will. As the cold sets in and their gas starts to run low, the young couple must find a way to escape before they find out how far the gunman is willing to go. Their car is running. Their phones are working. But they still can't leave.
Starring Ace Marrero, Alan Pietruszewski, Lionel D. Carson
Director Eric England