Sappy Holiday
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Joy is an aspiring chef working for a big restaurant in the city. When her boyfriend Gage organizes a vacation for her to spend the holidays with his family in Vermont, Joy gets caught in a snowstorm en route and is stuck spending a few days on a maple syrup farm with the Lewis family. James Lewis is trying to save his family's maple syrup farm since his father passed away a few years ago but has been struggling. The family is spending the holidays there for one last Christmas. But as Joy spends time with James and the family, she realizes what she's been missing in her own life and offers a solution to their troubles. Joy also rethinks her priorities and realizes how much she loves working for herself instead of being under appreciated by the restaurant she currently works for. Sparks fly between Joy and James as they both help each other find the Christmas miracle they've each been waiting for.
Starring Vanessa Sears, Jon McLaren, Colton Royce
Director Andrew Cymek