September Runs Red
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Taylor Evan’s, a successful modern day woman, is finding her world abruptly collapsing around her as a sudden and unexplained phobia to water grips her psyche, shattering her life. In desperation, Taylor reaches out to Dr. Cane an ally of the worst kind. A notorious, cast out phobia psychiatrist whose recent notoriety and rise from the medical ashes is linked to an experimental and controversial behavior analyses treatment he’s pioneered. Reluctantly, Dr. Cane agrees to treat Taylor’s phobia but on the sole condition the treatment occur on a remote island for her safety and wellbeing. Once on the secluded island, Taylor begins to suspect that Dr. Cane might no be giving her the whole truth, and that a terrible fate will befall her if she doesn’t find a way off the island. Complicating matters further, Taylor discovers Dr. Cane has a secret he’s been hiding for more than thirty years, a secret he desperately wants to keep concealed at all cost. Driven to escape the eerie Doctor and her terror of deep water, Taylor must face the demons within and enter the dark lake to recover the strength she desperately needs to regain her existence and escape the island alive.
Starring Caroline Redekopp, Adam Beach, Xavier Sotelo
Director Dan Forgues