Soaring Highs and Brutal Lows: The Voices of Women In Metal
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Soaring Highs and Brutal Lows explores the stories of some of the most notable female vocalists today as they continue their careers in heavy metal. No auto-tune here, each has honed their voice to extremes through years of formal training and practice; some are operatic sopranos, some use a death metal growl that would shame a grizzly bear; some do both. Each has achieved success in metal thru similar paths; persistence, hard work, and dedicated study of vocal technique. But success takes a toll and many pay a heavy price ranging from deteriorated immune systems to complete nervous breakdown. This film examines the stories of these singers and explores the nature of pursuing a dream on your own terms.
Starring Marcela Bovio, Floor Jansen, Kobra Paige
Director Mark Harwood