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Strong: The Destry Abbott Story

Strong: The Destry Abbott Story

Available on iTunes, Prime Video
In the world of off-road motorcycle racing, Destry Abbott is one of the most iconic riders in the history of the sport. Wins, losses, championships, injuries and failures; the veteran has seen it all. This is a story about life. One that goes deeper than just racing. It’s a story of personal triumph, a journey of battling with leukemia. It is a story of how passion for the sport of off-road motorcycle racing and love for family can reignite the desire to fulfill one's dreams, both on and off the track.This film will change your life. It will inspire you to stay strong through life’s challenges and battles. We invite you to take a ride with Destry on his journey to a successful lap around the track of life, and to use this film to better your own race on and off the track. To be a good strong person for your family, the ones and things you love most, and to make a positive impact on the world and others around you.
Starring Destry Abbott, Jeremy McGrath, Taylor Robert
Director Wiley Watson, cuyler ruskin