The Love of Immortal
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Tian Yi (Eric Suen) is a novice in the heavenly realm studying to gain angelic, immortal status. In order to become an immortal, he needs to pass an exam that he has now failed 99 times. Every time he thinks he has aced the test, fate intervenes and he finds himself back where he started. After he flunks for the 100th time, the examiner tells him that unresolved problems from his past, mortal life are holding him back. He resolves to do something about it – disobeying heavenly rules in order to gain access to a restricted-access chamber. There, he accidentally releases the Snow Siren (Lorene Ren) from her celestial prison – an act that leads to him losing his powers. He also falls in love with the beautiful Snow Siren at first sight, further complicating matters. But as he gets to know this mysterious siren, he begins to understand that their past lives may have been interlinked in ways he could not possibly have imagined… “The Love of Immortal” is a 2019 Chinese fantasy movie that was directed by Dong Wei.
Starring Li-Chun Lee, Lorene Ren, Eric Sun
Director Dong Wei