The Mountain Runners
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The Mountain Runners is the story of America's first mountain endurance foot race, which took place in 1911. The grueling 28 to 32 mile race to the glacial summit of Mount Baker and back utilized steam trains and modified Model T autos, and lasted only three years, due to its intrepid dangers. Told in a docudrama style, the film incorporates never before released historic images, archival film, visual effects, and recreated dramatizations starring William B. Davis (X-Files). The film is narrated by Kevin Tighe (Lost, Emergency, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and is well-supported by a cast of historians, descendants of race participants, and a group of world-renowned experts in their field. Interviews with multiple contemporary world-champion athletes, including alpine speed-climbers, climbing authors Steve House and Chad Kellogg, ultra running champions and world-record holders Krissy Moehl, Scott Jurek, and Doug McKeever, as well as Second Wind author Cami Ostman. Their interviews and insights illuminate the accomplishments of their endurance-athlete predecessors, whose achievements are astonishing.
Starring Kevin Tighe, William B. Davis, Michael Bart
Director Todd Warger, Brian Young